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May 17, 2014

Man defends home with golf club

PRYOR, OK —  A warrant is out on a Kansas, Okla., man after he allegedly intruded on a Pryor residence and was struck by a golf club.

On Feb. 2, Pryor Police Department dispatched to a residence on North Fairland Street in Pryor. The caller, Zaphnathpaaneah Bobb, told dispatch that a Native American male, later identified as Joshua Wickliffe, had forced the front door open and entered the residence without permission. Bobb reported that another Native American male, Bobby Leach, approached the front porch.

Leach was allegedly very intoxicated and was detained by Bobb prior to officers arriving on scene.

When they arrived, officers found Wickliffe, 21, laying in the living room floor of the Bobb residence  bleeding from a lage injury to his head.

“After interviewing Bobb and his two minor children officers discovered that Wickliffe had been struck in the head with a golf club by Bobb after refusing to leave the residence and attempting to assault Bobb's minor children,” according to the probable cause affidavit filed in the case.

Wickliffe was taken to Mayes County Medical Center.

When officers interviewed Leach he said the two were drinking together when Wickliffe became intoxicated and left the residence. Leach followed him trying to convince him to return, according to his testimony.

“Leach told me that he heard yelling coming from a residence and followed the sound thinking he might find Wickliffe,” according to officer's testimony in the affidavit. “Leach told me that he walked up to the porch and observed Wickliffe lying on the floor bleeding from his head and that he was confronted by the homeowner and told to get on the floor.”

Leach told officers he did what Bobb said because he was “a very large man holding a golf club.”

Wickliffe, from Kansas, Okla., has no prior criminal history. The case is currently listed as an outstanding warrant with a $50,000.

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