The Pryor Times

July 24, 2013

Court Records 7/22/13

— City Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Mayes County Court Clerk's Office.   


Elizer Bailon, make/sell/possess false identification card

Thomas Allen Funkhouser, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon

Robert Allen Riley Jr., knowingly concealing stolen property

Michael Dean Simmons, driving under the influence of alcohol (AFCF)

Michael Ivan Vincent Jr., possession of a firearm


Jared J. Blatz, operating boating device in a manner not reasonable and proper

Gary Dawayne Eskey, driving under the influence of alcohol

Nicolas Thomas Johnson, operating vessel-not reasonable and proper

Willie Lee Jumper, public intoxication

Zachary Dale Kuder, larceny of merchandise from a retailer

Secillia Elaine Russell, driving under the influence of alcohol

Matthew Alan Webster, larceny of merchandise from a retailer

Michael Dewayne Willhoite Sr., domestic assault and battery

Wesley Keith Wilson, domestic assault and battery

Jay Levin Hinyub, oublic intoxication

Civil cases

Lifeteam vs. Jamie Rains, indebtedness

Melinda Johnson vs. Josh Lecount, forcible entry and detainer

Steve Ahmed vs. Doug Swigert, money judgment

Dixie Finance vs. Jessi Mariah Bentley, money judgment

CCV LLC vs. Mika Anderson, money judgment

Margaret D, Ogden vs. Alisia Campbell, forcible entry and detainer

Capital One Bank vs. Rob R. Dale, indebtedness

CCV LLC vs. Rebecca Miles, forcible entry and detainer

Melody Clinton vs. Joe Sloan, money judgment

Portfolio Recovery Assoc. LLC vs. Kelli Doyle, indebtedness

Larry L. Langston vs. Deric Gossett, money judgment

Portfolio Recovery Assoc LLC. Vs .Steven Graves, indebtedness

Portfolio Recover Assoc LLC vs. Cindy Haggard, indebtedness

Americredit Financial DBA GM vs. Robert Huffman, indebtedness

Portfolio Recovery Assoc LLC vs. Hailey L. Stanart, indebtedness

Portfolio Recovery Assoc LLC vs. Tammy Williams, indebtedness

Larry Langston vs. Salvador Tiscareno, forcible entry and detainer

Emmitt Chitwood, indebtedness

Discover Bank vs. James H. Horn

T & E Enterprises vs. Josie Guiverra, forcible entry and detainer

Marriage licenses

John Oliver Ball and Marty Machelle Roman

Jack Lee Brickey and Michaela Leeann Nixon

Daniel Wade Jackson and Jessica Marie Oshields

Floyd Young and Frances Young

Lorenzo Humberto Labourdeth and Kristyna Jordan Mackinnon

Tony Peter Nuspl and Janette Marie Fischer

Divorces filed

Patricia L. Hansen vs. Gary R. Hansen

Jordon Ashlee Holman vs. Billy Kent Holman

Julianne W. Linfoot vs. Eric Linfoot

Susy Louann Spears vs. Kristofer Lawrence Spears

Susan E. Cochran vs. Clay D. Cochran


Property transfers

The following warranty deeds were filed in the Mayes County Clerk's Office. Property owners are assessed a document fee of $1.50 per $1,000 of the purchase price.

James E. Vandall transferred to Phyllis J. Vandall, S2 T21N R21E  

Deborah J. and Roy N. Hamill transferred to Deborah J. and Roy N. Hamill, S10 T22N R20E

Vivian Monk transferred to Debra Ann Downing and Marvin Monk, Locust Grove B4 L4-6 PT L3

Ketrena L. and Steven A. Grosse transferred to Randy Darrell Blevins and Tina Jill Blevins, S19 T20NR21E, $23.2

Jay P. Bissell transferred to Johnathan Watkins, Cherokee Est 3RD B2 L14, $78,469

Kraig W. Sharp transferred to Kraig W. Betty I and Bill A. Sharp, S12 T21N R19E

Clinton R. and Jolinda K. Ballou transferred to John W. and Deborah M. Mouse, S16 T19N R20E

Charles L. Reinhardt II transferred to Lorri Cowan, S12 T20N R19E, $142.50

Raymond P. and Nancy Wilson transferred to Kirk Patrick Bender and Debbie Lynn Bender, S33 T21N R18E

Dorothy Mitchell, Jone Ladell Timmons, Gary Timmons and Donna Lea Harrison transferrd to Danny Michael Mitchell, S34 T23N R19E

Elizabeth L. Henry transferred to Douglas Morrison and Lora Morrison, S10 T23N R21E

Larry L. and Diana J. Brown transferred to Tracy and Lindsey N. Hinton, S7 T23N R19E, $270

Douglas B. and Nancy S. Hopper transferred to Daniel, Shelley and Manford Goetz, S19 T22N R21E, $67.50

Thelma and O.R. Nunley Jr. and Delores, Clarence and Bonnie Voth transferred to Clarence and Bonnie Voth, S5 T19N R18E

Kevin and Andrea Jefferson transferred to Don McClellan Sr. and Jene McClellan, S5 T22N R18E, $1.50

Hector Eli Conzalez McMullin transferred to Don McClellan Sr. and Jene McClellan S5 T22N R18E, $1.50

Tony S. and Karen L. Littlefield transferred to Samuel Kyle Dooley and Stefanie D. Dooley, S31 t22N R19E

Cathy and Terry Antle transferred to Francis M. and Sheila K. Parrish, S29 T20N R19E, $57

Justin Alden Marshall and Amanda L. Marshall transferred to Justin A. Marshall and Amanda L. Marshall, S7 T23N  R19E

Terry Moody transferred to Michael G. and Carol L. Peters, S18 T22N R21E, $4.50

Stacey M. and Chad L. Brazil transferred to Amanda Mills, Pryor Heights B3 L24