The Pryor Times

March 25, 2012

Court records: 03/25/2012

District Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Mayes County Court Clerk’s Office.


Darrell Wayne Rock, actual physical control

Brittany Rane Bridges, domestic assault and battery

Colby James Hemphill, driving under the influence - alcohol

Chad Falling, driving under the influence - alcohol

Anthony George Rumore, driving under the influence - alcohol

Preston M. Langston, leaving the scene of an accident - damage fixture on highway

Melissa Ann Farris, possession of controlled dangerous substance (marijuana)

Rudy K. Rice, possession of controlled dangerous substance (marijuana)

Alex W. Humpres, public intoxication

Dalton J. Dorsey, public intoxication


Johnny Roy Morrison, Jr., burglary - 1st degree

David Robert Lamarre, child sexual abuse - AFCF

Justin Jay McGirt, domestic assault and battery by strangulation or attempted

Barry Wayne Brautigan, failure to notify law enforcement of change of address - AFCF

Herbert Alvin Herron, failure to register as a sex offender - AFCF

Floyd Allan Moore, failure to register as a sex offender - AFCF

Trenton Eugene Grass, failure to register as a sex offender - AFCF

Jason Mark Odle, feloniously pointing firearm

Troy Howard Keeney, obtaining CDS by forged or altered prescription

Ashley Ann Harvey, possession of CDS without prescription

Small Claims

Sate of Oklahoma Ex Rel v Charles D. Crook, Jr.

Stephens Memorial Chapel v Dale Moore

Gardens at Pryor Creek v Robin Rogers

Gardens at Pryor Creek v Misty Miller

Gardens at Pryor Creek v Kela Gregory

Gardens at Pryor Creek v Lonnie Kester

Midwestern Loans v Mictor Veloquio

Green Country OK LLC v Johnny Ferrell

Green Country OK LLC v Colene Yardley

Vern Beisly v Larry Kester

Chouteau Village Apt v Brittany Bridges

Western Finance v Brandy Thorn, money judgement

Western Finance v Andrea Feeling, money judgement

Western Finance v Riley Chaney, money judgement

Western Finance v James Moffett, money judgement

Matthew Miller v Joshua Holland, money judgement

Civil Suits

Shelter Mutual Insurance CO v Terry Lee Thornton, auto negligence

Shelter Mutual Insurance CO v Frank Hitchcock, auto negligence

First State BK Locust Grove BR v Tracey D. Salyers, foreclosure

Wells Fargo Bank NA v Cindy S. West, foreclosure

PHH Mortgage Corp FKA DBA v Amy B. Silas, foreclosure

First Horizon Home Loans v Michael W. Bilby, foreclosure

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v Isaac Daugherty, foreclosure

Bank of America N A v Kevin Cross, foreclosure

LVNV Funding LLC v Scott Demereck, indebtedness

Portfolio Recovery Assoc LLC v Raymond P Maner, indebtedness

Discover Bank v Randy L. Buck, indebtedness

Tulsa Federal Credit Union v Steven L. Tackett, replevin


Christopher Paul Hurt and Angel Suerae Mayo

Damien Scott Lee and Jacqueline Marie Ballou

Christopher W. Wendt and Jessica Oneita Seabolt

Gary James Blake and Jamie Nicole Holland

Jason Shane Lyle and Rebecca Lynn Bowles

Harley David Shrum and Arlene Faye Stone

Gary Eugene Truitt II and Kaleigh Rochelle Nutter

Joshua James West and Kadee Elizabeth Wise

Calvin James Stafford and Ashley Marie Guynn

Floyd Nathan Shirley and Tina Marie Davis


Wendy Loren Harris and Brent Ross Harris

Amber Sue Thompson and William Shane Thompson

Karen Sue McGavock and Richard K. McGavock

Ryan V. Thompson and Michiyo Hatanaka Thompson

Robert Richard Dardenne and Mindi Renee Dardenne

Jacob Thomas Hopper and Lacricia Hopper

Betty R. Brautigan Talbo and Carl D. Talbot

City Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Pryor Municipal Court Clerk’s Office.

Kevin Lee Dale, follwoing too close, $204

Elizabeth Sumire Harpster, school zone, $185

Crystal Gale Drywater, speeding over 10 mph, $101

Nickalaus Scott McFarland, seatbelts, $25

Benjamin Todd Treas, school zone,

Darren Lee Stealer, speed contest: prohibited, $149

Joshua Ryan Simmons, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Adam Lee Rainey, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Gwendolyn Opal Aubrey, school zone, $177

Tiffany Noel Carpenter, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Michael Lynn Creekkiller, operation on invalid license, $449

James Lee Oliver, speeding over 10 mph, $109

Lindsey Kay Guinn, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Dion Lee Broyles, speeding in school zone, $187

Michell Erin Bechtold, speeding over 10 mph, $85

Elaine Jumper (Buzzard), public intoxication, $174

Heather Rachelle Arnold, public intoxication, $174

Kimberly Dawn Verscheure, public intoxication, $174

Larry Lynn Leach, school zone, $177

Williams Orville Hawkins, speeding over 10 mph, $117

Andres Sanchez Gaona, speeding over 10 mph, $85

David Isiah Green, Jr., dangerous or vicious animals, $199

Jason Allen Haley, operation on invalid license, $449

James Lee Jarvis, speeding over 10 mph, $85

Terry James Lennox, speeding in school zone, $175

Terry James Lennox, operation on invalid license, $449

Elizabeth Mary Miller, disturbing peace, $199

Elizabeth Mary Miller, possession of paraphernalia, $549

Emily Ariel Appel, seatbelts, $25

Jason Lynn Brown, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Keith Lewis Loomis, speeding 1-10 miles over, $69

Michael Andrew Man Orman, operation on invalid license, $449

Christopher Karl Theodore, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

Christopher Karl Theodore, insurance or certificate required, $124

Matthew Lee Morton, seatbelts, $25

Deborah Diane Dollison, speeding over 10 mph, $101

John Matthew Corsi, speeding over 10 mph, $93

Pamela Jeanette Boren, school zone, $171

Miranda Lane Ingle, school zone, $181

Miguel Landeros, drivers license - possession required, $199

Miguel Landeros, failure to obey traffic control device, $124

Laura E. McKnight, school zone, $177

Tashauna Marie Meeker, speeding 1-10 mph, $171

Laura J. Shafer, speeding over 10 mph, $85

Jason Paul Adams, failure to appear, $209

Eddie L. Blankenship, speeding 1-10 mph, $89

Cody Dill, speeding over 10 mph, $105

Matthew T. Hickman, speeding over 10 mph, $85

Jimmy L. Watkins, possession of marijuana, $549

Jimmy L. Watkins, possession of paraphernalia, $549

Samuel J. Easkey, public intoxication, $174

Rashad Antoine-Lafrench Lee, speeding 1-10 miles over, $124

John Henry Shepperd, school zone, $183

Zachary Miles Burnett, insurance or certificate required, $124

Property Transfers

The following warranty deeds were filed in the Mayes County Clerk’s Office.

Property owners are assessed a document fee of $1.50 per $1,000 of the purchase price.

Roberty B. Huskey, sold to Roger Kirk and Tamara Gail Cleveland, Craig Coves B1 L7, $46.50

Billy Barnes, sold to Marla HArp, S33 T19N R20E

Bobby Kevin and Mary L. Girty, sold to Pamela McDuffy, S25 T20N R18E, $162

Leah Kay Turner, sold to Merdith A. Frailey, S36 T20N R19E, $97.50

Charles Trent and Colleen L. Ross, sold to Kenneth Littlefield, Jr. and Linda Cano, Brywn Wood B4 L6, $211.50

Norma Dean Mossier, sold to Linda R. McClung and Jody L. Mossier, S9 T22N R18E

Charles R Sewell, Sr. and Sandra Kay Sewell, sold to James R. Wiederholt, Lakeside II Cabin Sites B”G” L1-9/B”K” L5-7, $12

Bryan Lee Ball, sold to Garrett L. and Mylea L. Ball, S17 T21N R21E

Daniel E. White, sold to Richard and Dorothy Haynes, Pine Hurst - See Inst., $120

John L. Frailey, sold to Mary Ann Denton, S4 T22N R20E

Daniel T. and Zella L. Stone, sold to Randall W. and Kathern A. Vigneaux, S32 T21N R20E, $246

Jimmie N. and Betty J. Dooley, sold to Richard and Kathy Twilling, Salina B15 L11-13, $49.50

Michael R. and Lois V. Jarvis, sold to Daniel E., Carly Mills and Spencer Cody White, S17 T22N R21E, $172.50

Patty Holt, sold to Carl, Carolyn and Chad Wiglesworth, Harris B6 L6,8, $7.50

Gary Haley, sold to Coylene Kaye Haley, S9 T21N R19E

Rhonda L. Millet, sold to Kyle Mark Bowling, Belmont Replat B3 L2, $175.50

Andrea A. Foutch (FKA Johns), sold to Richard A. Johns, Villas Lakeland B3 L6A

Myrtle and Frieda Joyce Hunter and Judith A. and John Mixon, sold to Robert James Hamill III, W.T. Whitaker B38 L10 PT L11, $75

Melvin M.S. and Katie J. Yoder, sold to Mose Jay and Mary Louise Yoder, S3 T19N R18E, $225

Mose Jay and Mary Louise Yoder, sold to Melvin M.S. and Katie J. Yoder, S3 T19N R18E, $139,500

Virgil Ray and Marsha Louise Gilpin, sold to Otis and Cassandra Floyd, S7 T23N R20E

Craig F. and Emily Shaver, sold to William Helean and Christan Cochran, S25 T20N R18E, $118.50

Vern and Nancy Beisly, sold to Larry R. and Carolyn S. Kester, Sportsman Shores 2ND B9 L21,22

Scott Parker, sold to Sherry Wallis, Woodcreek Est Amend B1 L5