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June 12, 2014

Man high on K2 jumps in front of police car

PRYOR, OK — Chouteau Police Officer Thomas Fisher was dispatched to an emergency call late Tuesday night. The call came in as a man saying he wanted law enforcement to kill him, according to Fisher.

The call came from 4325 Road, off of 620 Road in Chouteau.

Fisher was driving down the county road when the subject came running out of his residence. The man ran straight into the patrol car, his body striking the car windshield.

“He came around and was trying to open my door after he jumped on my hood, yelling 'shoot me' the whole time,” said Fisher, adding that the man was high on what is known as spice or K2, synthetic marijuana.

“I waited until backup got closer, then moved my car to position myself so I had cover, then approached from a distance. Once back-up arrived, we approached him and had to fight him to the ground to get cuffs on him for transport,” said Fisher.

Fisher received backup from Mayes County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Carlile.

Fisher said his initial effort was to “take a tactical approach, which didn't work because he ran all the way down the driveway.”

“Unfortunately suicide by cop is something we see somewhat often, but this was one of the craziest things I've seen,” said Fisher.

“From the moment he saw me, he had his mind set on being killed by me. He didn't calm down until he realized I wasn't going to shoot him. Mixing alcohol and spice is very dangerous. Spice is a highly mind-altering drug. There are so many cases where users are being diagnosed with mental illnesses or diseases after using spice,” said Fisher.

Spice is made from grass clippings sprayed with chemicals. It is smoked like marijuana.

The subject was taken to Mayes County Medical Center to be evaluated, then was transported to Wagoner Stabilization Center.

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Crimes and courts