The Pryor Times

September 19, 2013

Face tattoo outs Walmart thief

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— Pryor resident Gary Henning is banned from Walmart stores and facing four felony larceny charges.

On Aug. 15, according to court documents, Pryor Police Department was dispatched to Walmart as an employee's iPhone 5 was stolen. The employee was standing in line at the pharmacy and noticed a man standing close behind her. Later, upon realizing the phone was gone, she reported it to management. Management consulted the surveillance footage where they saw the man take the phone, placing it in his left front pocket. Also in the surveillance footage, Henning attempts to purchase pseudoephedrine, but is denied or changes his mind. He leaves without making a purchase.

“The suspect looked familiar to me but I was not able to remember his name,” said Pryor Police Patrolman Kenny Bennett, who then sent the footage to all Pryor Police Officers.

Independently, four separate officers informed Bennett that the suspect was Gary Henning.

“Henning has had multiple interactions with officers of the Pryor Police Department and is well known by them,” said Bennett. “I was also told by two of the officers that Henning recently got a tattoo of a dollar sign on his face which matched the suspect in the video surveillance footage.”

Court documents state that on Aug. 19 Henning stole a 46-inch Samsung television valued at $648 from Pryor Walmart.

Bennett reviewed the new surveillance footage provided by Walmart Loss Prevention Supervisor Gary Rice.

The footage shows Henning entering the store through the general merchandise side, collecting a shopping cart and traveling to the electronics department. Henning placed the television in the cart and began pushing the cart around the store while removing the security wrap. Henning moved the television to the bottom of the cart and exited the store.

Pryor Police were called one more time on Sept. 3 with reports that Henning had stolen a Nikon camera valued at $549.

“Gary Rice testifies that Henning took a camera from the display and concealed it beneath his clothing,” Bennett said.

For theft to be classified as a felony, the value of the stolen items must exceed $500.

Henning was arrested and appeared in Mayes County District court Tuesday for initial appearance. Judge Rebecca Gore informed Henning of his rights accompanying two felony charges of larceny of merchandise from a retailer and one felony count of grand larceny, all after former felony conviction.

Gore told Henning that each charge can carry up to a 20-year sentence in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

One of Henning's prior felony charges, filed June 6, was larceny of merchandise from a retailer. In that case it is alleged that Henning stole “a large amount of GPS units” from Pryor Walmart. He was sentenced to serve six months in the Mayes County Jail and ordered to pay fines and court costs.

Henning's record in Mayes County includes non-shoplifting-related charges as well. In 2011, he was charged with possession of a precursor substance, fishing without a license and possession of wildlife during a closed season. In May he was charged with resisting an officer.