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April 10, 2013

Man becomes hysterical

Mayes County jailers jumped into action when Rodney Minchue, who was told he was being remanded to their custody, became hysterical.

Minchue appeared on the preliminary hearing sounding docket, Thursday, April 4, before Judge Rebecca Gore.

His charges, in this case, included possession of controlled dangerous substance (after former conviction of a felony), attempting to elude and driving without a drivers license.

Judge Gore informed Minchue that his attorney submitted a request to withdraw as Minchue had made no attempt to contact him regarding the case. Gore granted this request. As a result, Minchue appeared for preliminary hearing with no attorney.

Gore then reminded Minchue that he had several outstanding warrants and would be remanded to the custody of the sheriff's office, at which point he became hysterical.

As the jailers were attempting to handcuff Minchue, per protocol, he threw himself forward, repeatedly banging his head on the courtroom door.  As Minchue continued fighting, the jailers wrestled him to the floor, where he began screaming.

Minchue's wife, who was standing by, said that he was neither well nor mentally stable. Court precedings came to a standstill as the two deputies attempted to subdue the man.

After several minutes of altercation, the deputies were able to escort Minchue out of the courtroom. He could be heard shouting in the hallway for several minutes afterward.

On the most current charges, his case was continued until May 9.

Minchue has a prior record in Mayes County. In 2008, he was charged with forcible entry and detainer. In 2010, he was charged with failing to register as a sex offender and resisting an officer. This year he was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and obstructing an officer.

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Crimes and courts