The Pryor Times

November 24, 2013

Court Records 11/24/13

PRYOR, OK — District Court

The following court records are supplied weekly by the Mayes County Court Clerk's Office.


Anthony Bernard Johnson, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon

Aaron Peters, rape by instrumentation

Freddie Joe Crisp, eluding a police officer

Amanda Pearl Stricklen, knowingly concealing stolen property

Justin Lane Thurman, driving under the influence of alcohol (AFCF)

Dusty Lynn Peck, driving under the influence of alcohol

Jeanette Delane Morrow, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (AFCF)

Brandy Marshall, malicious injury to property


Bobby Hutchins, domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor/ child

Freddie Joe Crisp, failure to register used vehicle within 30 days

Quinn Leon Eugene, driving under the influence of drugs

Jason Lee Nollen, obtaining cash/merchandise  by means of a false/bogus check

Tricia Lovell, aiding/abetting minor in need of supervision

Adam Joseph Moon, disturbing the peace

Brian Huckleby, public intoxication

Dennis Giles, public intoxication

Joseph Leon Dowdy Jr., driving while impaired

Kevin Ray Dyer, driving under the influence of alcohol

Garrett Bowman, driving under the influence of alcohol

Melanie Chandler, public intoxication

Civil cases

Portfolio Recovery Assoc. LLC vs. Ronald Trussell, indebtedness

K & R Rentals vs. April Bocanegra, forcible entry and detainer

Autovest LLC vs. Bobby Ray, indebtedness

Autovest LLC vs. Kristy Price, indebtedness

Prairie Village Apts. vs. Monte Mounce, forcible entry and detainer

Century 21 Neokla Realtors vs. Amanda L. Husband, forcible entry and detainer

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC vs. Eldon G. Fine, indebtedness

Gemini Capital Group LLC vs. James Guy, indebtedness

Mike Smith vs. David Green, forcible entry and detainer

Cash Security Inc vs. Scott I. Bradley, indebtedness

Cash Security Inc. vs. Tyrene R. Hill, indebtedness

Cash Security Inc vs. Mary Hicks, indebtedness

Mike Smith vs. Boomer Sanders, forcible entry and detainer

Billy Pope vs. Alan Mchugh, auto negligence

Bank of the West vs. Catherine Faught, indebtedness

Richard C. Lett vs. Justin Keith Steelman, money judgment

Cash Security vs. James E. Mouse, indebtedness

Autovest LLC vs. Michael Doane, indebtedness

Midland Funding LLC vs. Jason Reynolds, indebtedness

Divorces filed

Jodee Turner vs. Scott Turner

Shana L. Yingling vs. Howard M. Yingling

Ryan Maddoux vs. Sarah J. Maddoux

Marriage licenses

Gregory Scott Whitlock and Pamela Elaine Martin

Leonard Thomas Sawyer and Vickie Lynn Shelton

Christopher Calvin Sampley Jr. and Casey Lynn Green

Ronnie James McClain and Kimber Lee Nolan

Property transfers

The following warranty deeds were filed in the Mayes County Court Clerk's Office. Property owners are assessed a document fee of $1.50 per $1,000 of the purchase price.

Steven R. and Amanda Dodson transferred to Cecil Y. Jackson, Belmont Replat B4 PT L5

Joshua Lee Huntington transferred to William Jason Erwin, S20 T22N R19E, $195

Curt and  Teresa Stutzman transferred to Danielle M and Nickolas R. Marlin, S15 T22N r19E, $315

Thomas James and Chasity F. Matthews transferred to Larry and Tonya Griffin, Rock Creek Ten L8, $64.50

Eddie R. and Sheryl F. Peters transferred to Chad R. Peters, S7 T22N R20E

Laura (Almendarez) Grossman transferred to Laura Grossman, S17 T21N R19E

Johnathon W. and Kristin R. Williams transferred to Johnathon W. and Kristin R. Williams, S26 T20N R18E

Jennifer L. Bailey transferred to Stephen Charles Gargrave and Rhonda Lee Gargrave, Chouteau Hills B70 PT E/2, $128,250

Michael, Kenneth and Paula Jordan transferred to Mary E. Montanes, S18 T19N R20E

Mary E. Montanes transferred to Carl Lee Ables Jr., S18 T19N R20E, $39.75

Larry L. and Janet M. Langston transferred to Stephan E. and Patty J. Harless, S24 T19N R19E

Robert Campbell transferred to Christopher Moorehead and Amanda Casey, Pensacola B7 L12-15, $6.75

Christopher Moorhead and Amanda Casey transferred to Robert Campbell, Pensacola B7 L12-15, $4,200

Timothy G. and Jenny L. Ramesey transferred to William E. Fingland Jr., and Patricia A. Fingland, Colony Cover Unit 30, $375

Doris E. Rayl transferred to Lora Morrison, Sportsman Shores B3 L5

Doris E. Rayl transferred to Lora Morrison, Sportsman Shores B3 L13, 14, $66

Shawn Gillespie transferred to Stacee Gillespie, S34 T22N R20E

Ronald K. and Ronda K. Rice transferred to Kenneth L. and Joyce M. Kerns, S23 T21N R20E/Saline Creek #2 L6-9, $375

Kenneth L. and Joyce M. Kerns transferred to Ronald K. and Ronda K. Rice, S3 T21N R20E, $345

Patsy An Keener transferred to Ladney L. and Sarah E. Keener, S5 T20N R21E

Randolf D. Whiteside and Priscilla Ann Lucero transferred to Michael Ward, S10&15 T22N R21E

Kevin L. and Sandra G. Vossen transferred to James C. Miller and Trinidad-Zarate Magallon, Cedar Crest Shores B1 L36, $136.50

Leonard K. and Shirley J. Coats transferred to Leonard K. and Shirley J. Coats, Indian Springs EST B2 L9-12

J. Kevin and Laurie Hardison transferred to J. Kevin and Laurie Hardison, S33 T23N R18E

Joseph W. and Geneva S. Jett transferred to Cecil D. Brooker, Whitaker B32 L22, $43.50

Curt and Teresa Stutzman transferred to Nicolas R. and Danielle M. Marlin, S15 T22N R19E

David Logan and Tiffay L. Wood transferred to Richard B. McSpadden, Pensacola B13 L1-6, $45

Richard McSpadden transferred to David L Wood, Pensacola , B13 L1-6

Robert L. Hagar transferred to Eric and Terri Vigland, Pryor Creek B2 PT L9

Jackie Lee and Karen Lynn Walker transferred to Jesus and Nadine Velasquez, Pryor Creek B4 L1-A/Reeves PT B”A”, $60

David L. and Andrea M. Burris transferred to Chris Clements, Adair B34 PT L1-2, $112.50

Leon and Judi L. Callison transferred to Michael W. Cox and Emily A. Buchanan, S4 T21N R19E

Dennis and Tiffany Carpenter transferred to E.C. and Shirley Pepper, S26 T23N T18E

Orma Jean Parnell transferred to Britni Jean Hansen, Rose B1 L11,14

Dustin Gene and Alisa S. Cox transferred to Ronald Gene and Patricia Lynn Cox, S13 T21N R20E

Rosa Blackford, Judy Marie (Turner) True and Lawton Wade True transferred to Norma Jean Parnell, Rose B1 L11, 14, $4.50

Debbie (Miller) Rosebrough and Danny Rosebrough transferred to Denise Miller and James Fincher, S21 T23N R18E

Denise Miller and James Finch transferred to Jennifer L. and Melvin C. Ellis, S21 T23N R18E

Robert Mark Wright and Diana Lynn Wright transferred to Eddie and Eunsun Bush, S20 T19N R19E, $37.50

Jeremy and Tracy Stubblefield transferred to Clint R. Hise, East Plains 4th B2 L1, $255

William W. Davito transferred to William W. Davito and Donna Jean Lockwood, Colony Cover Unit 23

Richard A. and Brenda Gilbert transferred to Larry J. and Donna J. Lees, Brywn Wood B4 L10 PT L9, $299.25

Erin Beath (Kuehni) Marsh transferred to Derek and Christopher Kuehni, S6 T21N r18E

Dawn and James Baker transferred to Paul and Christine D. Cook, S4 T21N R21E, $142.50

Dixie Borrer transferred to Millett Oconnel, Wood B1 PT L1,5 & alley

Michael Rowbotham transferred to Michael L. and Reece Aaron Rowbotham, S25 T20N R20E

Michael and Bonnie Coatney transferred to Donna M. Bell, Morgan Bell 3rd B4 L3,4/Morgan Bell 3rd Amended B4 PT L5, $540

Marcus, Amber, Mark and Janna Soukup transferred to C.W. Ingram, Pecan Chase B2 L7, $39.75

Freda Scalf transferred to Leroy Scalf, S14 T21N R20E

William B. and  Deanna M.. Ball,  Brianna Kay and Kelley Roley, Ryan Lee, Mallory Lynn and Bryan Lee Ball transferred to WIlliam B., Deanna M., Ryan Lee, Mallory and Bryan Lee Ball, S13 T21N R20E

Shirley Aileen Harvey transferred to Amanda Joyce Harvey, Rainbow Park B1 L8

Robert M. Mahaffey transferred to Terry and Robin Cole, S8 T21N R18E, $48

Frances Deeann Gilliland and David Keith Gilliland transferred to Robert and Deloris Lam, Whitaker B29 PT L1,2

Shelly and Trevor Thompson transferred to Sara Alayne VanHorn and Steven Mark VanHorn, Locust Grove B20 L12, $51

Harry T. Bare transferred to Stacy Hawkins, S3 T22N R18E