The Pryor Times

October 28, 2011

Comment Rules

The Times

—  — has added a feature to allow readers to comment on stories. Adhering to online rules of conduct will help assure submitted comments are made public.

The rules -

Those who comment on stories must identify themselves. Anonymous comments will not be posted.

We will remove comments that are unacceptable, to wit:

- False and inaccurate statements.

- Personal attacks. Explicit name-calling.

- Harassing, harmful, vulgar, obscene and defamatory language.

- Threatening statements or statements that suggest violence.

- Hate speech of any kind.

- Intolerant comments on religion, race, age, gender, sexual preference or disabilities.

- Accusations of criminal activity.

- Content that is harmful to children and minors in any way.

- References to sexual activity and other private matters.

- Random and inflammatory statements that are off topic.

We encourage reasonable and courteous comments that:

- Create conversation on issues of interest and concern.

- Express opinions and contrarian views.

- Stimulate debate with respectful language.

- Stay within the boundaries of these rules.