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October 20, 2011

Wendy Cobb murder trial - Thursday afternoon

PRYOR — Nicholas Shires gave the same emotionless account of killing Michael Cobb today as he gave in March.

Shires recounted how he and Wendy Cobb planned Michael’s killing and burning of the Cobb home. Cobb is on trial in the Mayes County Courthouse for first-degree murder. Shires pleaded to the crime and turned state’s witness in exchange for 22 years in prison.

The Cobbs were getting a divorce when the crime occurred April 28, 2009.

Shires recounted in testimony how he met Wendy Cobb when they were employees at M.E.I Labels in Catoosa. He said they developed a relationship through texting. Shires said the relationship escalated when he was put in the Creek County Jail in 2008. He said she visited and put money on the jail phone so they could talk.

“When I got out of jail, we moved into a duplex together,” Shires said. He said the sexual relationship began with an encounter at Wendy’s house when Mike was at work.

In January 2001, “she let the duplex go back.” Shires moved to his parents’ house in Catoosa and Wendy went back to the house she had shared with Mike.

“I fell in love with her,” Shires said. He said they talked about the future and marriage and he was waiting on her divorce to go through.

A few weeks before the crime, Shires testified: “She told me she didn’t want to put up with Mike at all after the divorce. She said she was going to kill him. She wanted me to find somebody to do it. She said she would pay, but she couldn’t pay until she got her insurance settlement.”

Instead of finding a hit man, Shires told Wendy he would do the murder himself. She told him he could use the motorcycle in her garage to get away and gave him a .22 revolver.

“She got mad when she found out I didn’t do it and she wanted her motorcycle and gun back.”

The couple didn’t talk for a few weeks. Shires said, “I wanted to be with her. I told her I would do it.”

“Did you love her enough to kill her husband for her?” Assistant District Attorney Chuck Ramsey asked.

“I thought so, yes.”

On April 28, Shires said Wendy picked him up at his parents’ house in her Ford Escort. They went to the home and she began “carrying stuff out to the shop. She said she had to have all this done before the kids got home.”

He said she gave him a baseball bat from the garage. “She wanted me to hit him with it, make sure he was dead and pour gas all over the house,” Shires said.

“She said if she couldn’t have (the house), she didn’t want him to have it, either.”

When Wendy left, she took Shires’ cell phone. Shires waited. For hours.

Mike got home between 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. Shires said he was shocked when Mike arrived in Wendy’s Escort.

Shires was behind the door when Mike entered the house. Shires said he swung the bat, but missed. Mike ran. Shires chased him. Shires caught Cobb in the yard and hit him in the head, Shires said.

“I pulled him into the house and just started pouring gas all over the house,” Shires said.

Wendy had given him the key to the motorcycle and told him to abandon it. She would report it stolen. He rode the cycle to his mother’s house where Wendy had left his cell phone. Soon, Wendy arrived, saying she had just received a call that the house was on fire.

“She said, ‘thank you and I love you. I’ll talk to you later,’” Shires said. “It was hard to get ahold of her after that.”

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