The Pryor Times

November 16, 2013

Weather apps to survive an Oklahoma winter

PRYOR, OK — Winter weather preparedness tech tips from Verizon Wireless


OKLAHOMA — Drive to survive winter weather this year with preparedness tips from Verizon Wireless including how to find out what freezing rain, sleet and winter weather advisories mean, along with apps to keep you safe during holiday travel.

“Staying weather-aware is key to surviving winter weather in Oklahoma and the Midwest,” said Tom Nix, with Verizon Wireless. “Technology can play a big role in preparing for winter weather, and in finding resources or locating help in the event you get caught off guard by a winter storm. Phone apps can provide anything from weather and road updates to technology tips, making it important to invest in a wireless network that is proven to be strong and reliable regardless of what Mother Nature sends you.”

 In addition to the readily available apps from local TV stations, the following app suggestions are designed to help you and your family be technologically prepared for winter weather:

A locally created app, iMap Weather Radio, pushes weather alerts via voice and push notification to your phone. iMap Weather Radio will track your location to warn you of weather wherever you go and provides the ability to listen to local weather forecasts. The app can be downloaded on Google Play and iTunes.

The  Road Trip Weather app, available on the iPhone for $1.99, provides personalized weather forecasts for your trip based on where you will be and when you will be there. By entering your route and departure time, weather data will populate on the map, showing potential winter or hazardous weather.

Winter Survival Kit is a free app that will become your survival tool if you ever find yourself stranded in winter weather. This app identifies your direct location, notifies family and friends, calls 911 and calculates how long your car can run with the amount of gas in your tank and stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. It is available on Google Play and iTunes.

In preparation of the ever-changing weather in Oklahoma, familiarize yourself and family with winter weather terms by visiting the National Weather Service website at

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