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July 26, 2013

Man pleads not guilty on wildlife charge

Toby Lee Noland, Bethany, appeared in Mayes County District Court for his initial appearance Wednesday, July 24. On July 3, he was charged with snagging in a restricted area. The ticket was issued by the Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Judge Rebecca Gore informed Noland of his right to remain silent, his right to an attorney and his right to a trial which can be by a jury. She told Noland the charge can carry up to six months in the county jail and fines. She told Noland the state was recommending, upon a guilty plea, a $206 fine.

Noland said he was using a rooster tail lure, which he said state regulation permits.

Gore said told Noland he has the right to an attorney should he choose, but that the state regulation behind his ticket could not be argued at this initial appearance.

Noland entered a plea of not guilty. His case was continued until Sept. 6 and he was required to pay a $206 bond to ensure his appearance on that day.

The Oklahoma Wildlife Department defines snagging as the “dragging of one single hook or one treble hook attached to a fishing line through the water to impale fish” and “shall be lawful in all waters year-round for non-game fish only unless restricted under special area regulations.”

Anglers should keep in mind that municipalities have the authority to set fishing regulations on waters in their jurisdiction that may differ from either the statewide regulations or the individual lake regulations.

Prior felony arrests are shown for Toby Lee Noland of Oklahoma County including second degree burglary, forfeiture of bond after prior felony conviction and obtaining money/property by means of two or more bogus checks after prior felony conviction.

Statewide, a total of 578 wildlife tickets have been issued so far this year, 31 of them are from Mayes County. Five of the Mayes County tickets were issued for snagging in a restricted area.

Several other snagging-related infractions were ticketed. Failure to cease snagging after possession of paddlefish, failure to tag paddlefish, failure to fill out record of game on paddlefish permit and exceeding bag limit of paddlefish were all ticketed offenses.


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